When we think of mediation we often visualize someone who sits in a lotus position with incense and smooth music. But it doesn’t have to be in that way. We can meditate when we are solving a problem, painting a picture, sitting in a sailboat or walking in the woods. Meditation means that you intensively focus the attention towards something certain. A quality we want to acquire, a mathematical problem we want to solve, a poem we want to analyze etc. This is often used by athletes who want to create a goal in purpose to reach a better result and maybe to win a competition. Others who use meditation diligent are our great scientists like Einstein, Nils-Erik Bohr, Pythagoras etc. All of them accentuated the significance of the intuition and inspiration to course new paths in science.


Awareness control


The first step towards meditation is to acquire a control of awareness. The normal individual has his attention directed towards physical matters, to his emotions, or to a mental problem. The thought often wanders around back and forth without any plan. The control of awareness changes this, so the thought works in a methodical and systematical way. If we succeed, we can notice what´s going on in our layers and with that decide what takes place in the daily awareness.


The control of awareness consist in occupying the attention with something certain, never to let it flap from one way to another. Every interest, hobby etc. works as a training to let us forget ourselves and keep the awareness occupied. Typical for this is that the time-flow changes, we experience time going faster and “time disappears”.


Control of awareness is not easy. It takes several incarnations of awareness training to succeed.




When we succeed to acquire some kind of control of awareness it’s time for the next step, for concentration. We train the awareness to point it towards something certain, a physical object, a feeling, a quality or a mental problem. When we succeed with this we get to a more steady concentration of what we want to meditate over. The problem is studied from all kinds of angles and corners and we try to see all sides of it. We meditate over the problem.


A good example of meditation is the business man who only thinks of business, the painter who only sees colors and shapes, the actor who lives into his roles. The one who, with his entire soul, in this way work for his creation, does it unaware. Time just “disappears” during the practice.


Simply expressed you can say that meditation is the work where you solve different kind of tasks and problems. The one who finished high school or university have automatically learned to concentrate through following the education and meditation trough out solving different kind of tasks.


The third step in meditation is what you call contemplation. This means that the awareness looses itself in, identifying with the object for meditation. You become one with the object. This state has to be experienced to be understood.


The last step you can experience is a form of illumination where you get information as pictures or sound, from for example the higher awareness. Even this needs to be experienced to be understood.



The task of meditation


The premier task of meditation is to learn to use our attention in a right way. Thus we make the brain susceptible for mental molecules, in that way transmitting the knowing of the mental layers to the daily awareness.


In meditation we develop desirable, necessary good qualities. It’s not enough to wish for these qualities. You have to work with, meditate on it, rather every day to get a result.


Through meditation we get rid of illusions and fictions and dedicate ourselves to new outlooks. Esoteric studies are a good example on meditation, in purpose to expand ones awareness. Even new emotions can be acquired through mental meditation.


Especially higher kind of awareness, emotional, mental and causal, gets acquired through meditation. Through this higher awareness activates. Meditation should not be confused with prayers. The prayers are begging, a try to influence and change the attitudes of the keepers of the laws. You can say that the prayer is emotional and meditation mental.



Subjects for meditation


Subjects for meditation which you choose depend partly on which knowledge you have of reality and the meaning of life, partly on which level of development you have.


A proposal on subjects for meditation:


To strengthen the good qualities, for example humility, understanding, admiration and devotion.

To learn to separate the different forms of consciousness, emotional, mental and causal.

To learn independency of, imperturbability of physical, emotional and mental.

To learn to separate useful from unuseful, harmful from unharmful, corruptible from incorruptible etc.


To explain to oneself that we aren´t our envelops, not the organism, not the feelings or thoughts. The self is the one who can observe these occurrences.


And a little more difficult: To map the difference between the self in the triad, the causal layer with its intuition, the causal idea and its three centers, and Augoeides.


In great extent we can meditate over which quality we want to acquire or any kind of problem we want to solve.


The dangers of meditation


During meditation we activate higher forms of energy, at which we vitalize the ethereal centers (chakras) which already are active. They can easily be over-stimulated at which diseases can evolve in the organs which correspond to these centers. Meditation must pursue with sound judgment and understanding. The energies we handle are powerful, and they can affect and damage the nervous system. For beginners it´s enough with five minutes a day and for the one who is trained half an hour. Especially the Planetary Hierarchy warns for the very dangerous breathing exercises. It can mean a great detour with rebuilding of the ethereal layer during several following incarnations. These methods can be performed safely first as a disciple and under careful supervising by 45- selves. Meditation strengthens tendencies and qualities, at which even the non wishful vitalizes.


Meditation is to the one who ceased to be in the center of the circle, who forget himself for others, for the task of life. If the motive isn´t the right the negative qualities strengthens and then counteract the purpose with what we want to accomplish.


The wish to acquire powers, to become great and peculiar is complete objectionable and only leads to that egoism reinforces and the purpose counteract.


Esoteric meditation


During esoteric meditation the disciple seeks to build a connection between the first and second triad, called the rainbow bridge. This is meant to achieve awareness in the mental atom of the second triad. The method, which stays esoteric, is informed to the disciple when he is considered ready for it. This activates the center in the causal layer and gives real “inner” power. The method is always individual and demands detailed knowledge about the department belonging among the layers, the disciples distinctive etc.


The purpose with the esoteric meditation is to acquire self-control, learn the art to serve, acquire causal and essential awareness, help the Planetary Hierarchy in their work.