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We are an esoteric network, with the purpose to gather deep seekers and esotericians, forming a place to meet within, in order to exchange our views and experiences. Our network is for anyone who feels that "new age" is simply not enough, and prefers to search for something deeper.


We do not claim to have the "only true teaching" but our ambition is to communicate our view of a complex reality, largely based on our own experiences. Our hope is to reach out to you—being in a situation similar to ours—in order to break the isolation many of us feel in today’s society and also learn from each other.


We don´t want to evaluate or grade different esoteric "schools" or teachings. It is our opinion that we all need to do whatever we can to change our society towards a more spiritual path. We also feel that the new age of today needs more structure, so that it continues to develop in a positive way.



Astrobilder   Mats Olsson