About the network



About the network


Everything in life is about development. We strive to raise ourselves a little bit during every lifetime by learning a little more and reaching upwards.


Let us use a simile. A person who is overweight can try all kinds of miracle methods today, even liposuction. Man wants to find comfortable shortcuts, do everything but the obvious: to eat properly and do more exercise.


We can often find a similar phenomenon within the new age movements. Here, we can see tempting offers of shortcuts, courses to reach "enlightenment," learning to channel and so on. It sounds good and attracts many people.


Our view is that there are no such shortcuts. Every person must walk all the way through our human school; he must reach every level for himself and in the right order. We also think that many of these tempting new age methods are treacherous, and seekers need mental clarity so that they are not drawn into emotionally influenced "shortcuts," which later may prove to be detours.


There are seeking people who discover a deeper world. These searchers usually also find the genuine esoterics as presented by Blavatsky, Bailey, Laurency among others. They realize and master the difference between emotionally influenced and mentally clear thoughts. Such a person is usually called an esoterician and is normally a kind of "lone wolf" in the society of today, since there are very few like-minded individuals to speak with.


These are the kind of people our network addresses. We are a religiously and politically independent network of esotericians and seekers who meet on a regular basis. Our ambition is not to start any kind of movement but to develop ourselves and help each other develop. The network has no leaders. Everybody within the group can contribute with their own knowledge to each other’s lives, as well as to the lives of others.


The purpose of the network:


Our purpose is to provide a place to meet for the spiritually searching people, who feel that the New Age of today simply is not enough.


We try to help each other develop by exchanging ideas and experiences, which give us higher clarity about ourselves and the world we live in.


We encourage every member to try spreading the essence of the esoteric thoughts in a wise way, if they find a receptive, suitable mind; and in such a way that helps prevent others falling into the worst emotional traps.


Through meditation, we seek to influence the New Age towards a more structured outlook.


We wish to work for an approach that neutralizes the differences between esoteric schools. We realize that all of us, regardless of esoteric background, can help each other and others.


Edited by Peter Astarci